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Different types of traditional Western Javanese folk clothing and their features

Traditional clothing from West Java has their popularity and fame compared to other regions. Although it is still in the same region as Central Week and East Java. In fact, there are important differences in traditional clothing. Not only that, butthe language is different.   A good Sudanese, Javanese and even a madman.

Looking at these changes, you have to be curious, not what the different species are? In fact, in  West Java or West Java, almost all people are natives of the Sudanese tribe. Unless there’s a feather angthat’s been in place for many years there. It is known to be one of indonesia’s friendliest tribes. Keeping that fee high.

It’s not wrong that you’vegot a lot to go through from ancestors. Perhaps it can be evidence  of inscriptions, temples, inherited objects and of course traditional clothing. Throughout Indonesia, it will definitely not be separated from the influence of Buddhism and Hinduism. Therefore  , the model of all western Java regional clothing  cannot be separated from the model.

Go deeper into the jabare’s clothes. There are some kinds of clothing that can be used. Everything depends on the social layers, whether it’s the upper middle, middle and lower class. It is natural for this kind of concept , because in the previous period din Indonesia he still knew the name of the caste separation system.

So for you  who are curious about what the traditional clothing types are from West Java, there’s no need to  worry because anything that’s popular we’ll discuss here. Starting from  middle, middle and lower  class clothing  . Everything will be complete so that the information needed here is  definitely met.

Bride’s clothing at West Week customs

Whatever we were discussing about traditional West Java outfits. He’ll definitely never escape the marriage case. This holy event requires a special set for once-in-a-lifetime vows to last. So what clothing is often used by the local Sudanese tribe?

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It’s for clothes called suppura that should be known. The picture of this dress is very simple as the bride is wearing only a kebaya wrapped in white brocade. Then the waist was tied by a gold belt. Along with a white slot shoe guide. It adds a simple impression compared to others.

It is very different from central Java, where traditional bride and groom clothing is more complicated. Returning to the main theme, the husband only has to wear a closed white coat. But the belt used is red. A symbol of courage to take responsibility for all the problems they will face in the future.

Then for the shoes, use white shoes. It is still the same as bride Karen alas k akiwhich symbolizes topangan. Both bear the weight of the  stairs and hope that the continuation of the marriage can last forever. How simple is not suppura compared to clothing from other regions of the common island hostagehuni week.

Veshje e Formal Event West Java

Surely you already know there is a search event for jejaka mojang in West Java? In fact, it’s the same as in Jak , which is looking for a brother without a candidate every year, everything is done for tourism purposes. Develop regional talent by looking for talented influences. To be one of the objectives of its founding.

Mojang has a female candidate who is wanted to promote the wider area. They will be dressed ink-ebat, baby, usually nuanced decorations . Mungkiin condes, broochs, bracelets, necklaces, and so on. Nowadays, traditional clothing for formal occasions can probably be combined with sails.

Therefore, there is no need to use condes anymore, as everything is more elastic. What about the remains? Because their clothes are simpler. Use only a black or dark suit. Wrapped in blue or red dcor in the suit pocket to add the   uniqueness of this traditional Western Javanese dress. There are other accessories that can be added.

For this dress, it does not apply only to the search for jejaka mojang. It could be in a formal cultural show, the cardinals of a building and whatever it is. The point is used to show the characteristics of  the grass. The simple but elegant look is truly a feature that can never be forgotten.

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Traditional Western Javanese clothing for conglomerates

For traditional clothing, this is really only used for a few circles.   H anya a class of nobles from the kingdom who could wear it in his day. For its use, it can be personalised either at an official event or at a wedding. The long  production process  usually takes time, so that the price becomes expensive.

The design is already noticeably more luxurious and fascinating. A lot of money makes you buy castedah. The impression of the wearing armor will increase, so that it seems more authoritarian. Whether the boy or girl is more valued. For free women, they want to wear kebay a, dresses and even gamis.

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The ends are then sewn with the gold thread. That certainly  adds to its uniqueity. Bisa also added accessory such as bracelets, gold, necklaces and rings. There will no doubt be a sense of magic, but it will be extracted from it. The wearer of this shirt will never go unnoticed by the public.

What about men? Men usually use a dark soda suit. Most floral costumes have  a more luxurious feel. For the price, don’t ask because it’s expensive. This dress model can also be used in the name of traditional Western Javanese Sukapura clothing. The impression of marriage will grow.

West Java dress for medium a k of Bawah

Traditional West Java clothing is a ancestral heritage. So far he still uses the caste system. For the middle class, you can use the free baluran combination kebaya. It can be made of banic fabric, satun, and so on. The combination of subwoofers is also more flexible with the aim of synchronizing elevators.

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As for men. They usually wore a white top, then with a headband, watch, gold or other equipment.  S edangkan for subs can wear pants with a balwran from the bottom of the pile. Like people dressed in pants, but wrapped in sarongs. It gives you the impression that you’re simple, but still authoritarian.

However, in this middle-class uniform, they can still wear gold and silver. But most of them wear money to be more economical. After all, the shadows of silver are still no less than gold. Simply customize according to the user’s needs if you want to wear gold or silver later.

Then, for the lower middle class, he was usually only allowed to wear simple clothes. If you have to compare it to the luxury aspect of the dress, it’s very different.   For the most part, ordinary people wear clothes with leather belts. It is still commonly used by the Baduy tribe and the shape is identical.

Although it seems simple, the quality presented by his philosophy is still very thick. Like not because it’s not a neko-neko that shows an attitude of acceptance of kea daan. To be clear, men wear poleng sarongs related to shoulders. Similar to the oldUku tribe  , right? Then women wear simple kebayas.

With tide motifs adorned with coils, luweng and ring bracelets. It is clear that the flesh will see a glorious quality. How do you understandsud ah for different outfits from West Java? In general, the image of traditional Western Javanese clothing is  such, so please make sure this  information  can be  useful in  the future.


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