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Call Center Ninja Express Media Easily send complaints

If there is a problem in the delivery process, then  the Ninja Express call center m edia to file a complaint may be the best option.   Indeed, as  we already know, problems are one of the  things that cannot be avoided by entrepreneurs,  especially those who are engaged in  online  business.

To make  it easier for you to deliver, the existence  of expedition services is really well reliable.   Thanks to the  existence of this  service, entrepreneurs will have to send their goods directly to consumers.   Of course, through this method, it will make you more focused on your efforts.

Unfortunately, sending certain parcels or goods through expedition services is not spared various kinds of trouble in it.   Including using  Ninja Express services.  Ninja Express  itself is  one of the delivery service companies that is very popular in Indonesia.

Although it is known for offering a wide range of affordable transportation services and products,  this  does not mean that entrepreneurs do not have problems  when using it, such as problems with goods lost to masala, which occurs in packages or other complaints.     Therefore, the  existence  of the Ninja Express media  call center, which mediates complaints, is  really sought after.

Surely you do not want this  if there  are  problems such as loss or damage  in the package to be sent?  Therefore, it is important to file a complaint   , so as not to lose it.  In order not to suck in stepping, here is the full review where you will need.

 Nahliadnite do game Ninja Express

Before you know how to contact the media complaint of the Ninja Express call center, it is very important to know at a glance about this popular expedition service in Indonesia.   Where is it a freight forwarding company or cargo that existed in  Singapore before 1024.

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The company became an affiliate of Ninja Van, which was first founded by three people, namely Chang Wen, Shaun Chong and Tax Boaxian, where each of them had different positions. The company provides delivery and  reception services  for  goods,  where it is technology-based   and even offers COD services  ,  which are the most popular services.

Se  has not yet arrived in  Indonesia, it turns out that the   company already exists first in Singapore, the Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam and Thailand.   In addition, in Indonesia, this Ninja  delivery service  has worked with various kinds of the largest e-commerce platforms in Indonesia, such as Shopee, Bukalapak, Blibli, Tokopedia, Sociola and much more.

To offer the different services that are  owned, this forwarding service also uses social media such as  Instagram and Facebook to sell the products it  has.   The existence of this company is almost widespread in various regions of Indonesia, such as Bandung, Jabodetabek,   Yogyakarta, Surabaya and Semarang.

Call centrum Ninja Express Media Call Center vzbudzuje sťažnosti

Do you  already  know  about one of  the largest expedition services in Indonesia? Returning to the main topic , there are often different kinds of problems in the  process of sending the goods themselves, and the public experiences them when using the services of Ninja Express.   In fact, there is no need to worry too much about the problem .

This is because amu can directly contact section c ofall  Ninja Express media centers to mediate complaints.   Where the service can be enjoyed by anyone who needs accurate information and solutions  if a problem occurs  during the  delivery process or in connection with the package that  you have.

The call center of this expedition is via phone number (021) 2926 4120. You can directly call the number for the complaint process. There is a customer service section where it will explain the different kinds of problems and provide the best solution. Make sure you communicate well  to  get the best possible service.

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Before you decide to complain in the  Ninja Express  media call center  section, there are several important documents that must be properly prepared,  such as the sender’s name, confirmation number, and destination address.    Thanks to the  information from  these  documents, Ninja Express will make it easier to track the package you have.

Complaints via website and email

Not only by contacting the Ninja Express  media call center to submit complaints, you can also file complaints through the official wesite of this service  provision service   at   Through this page you will find a  form  for filing a complaint  or complaint.

Later, there  will be  different types of  questions that  can be adapted to the problem,  such as package-related issues, reporting lost goods, shipping issues overseas, and finding solutions.    Make sure  you  choose the type of question that suits  the  problem   you are facing.

If so, users  will be asked  to  fill in their  full name,  phone number, confirmation number, email    address, and description to  explain what   issue is happening to you  .    It is best to convey the information in the best possible way and explain it in detail .   Do not lie about the problem  that is occurring.

In addition to going through the  Ninja Express  media call center  and  filing  complaints and the official website  ,  you can also  file a complaint via email y andkni on the   For this  one method, it is also very simple and almost the same when complaining through a website.   You can send a message directly to the appropriate email address.

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Then explain the details of the problem that is happening.   Be sure to include a few supporting documents that will later be used as evidence. The supporting  documents shall include the confirmation number, address, name of the consignor and any evidence. When  filing a complaint via email, make sure you are  patient while waiting for a response.

 Wide range of services dari Ninja Express

The existence of Ninja Express also offers a number of the best services and devices for users, including:

  1. Easy maintenance

This is a type of service that will provide customers with convenience in   a simpler  delivery and payment process. The purpose of the service is so that you can save time on taking care of sales management.

  1. Pay-in-place služba

Pay-on-site service or COD (cash on delivery)  is one of the delivery products  where most of them are sought after. The purpose  of  this service is to  make it easier  for  you to cover the cost  of goods and the cost of transportation in cash according to the intended location.

  1. Call center service  for complaints

Finally, the existence of a call center service from Ninja Express for complaints turned out to be  one of the advantages they owned.   It is thanks to  this  service  that  it will make it easier to solve all the problems related  to  your  package.

Indeed, problems in the process  of  sending parcels with shipping services  are one of the   problems that often arise, including when using the services of this delivery service.     The Ninja Express Media  call center  conveys complaints  that can be easily contacted.

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