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How to Check Gojek Receipts Specifically for Gosend Services  Easily

Checking gojek receipts specifically for Gosend services is very easy. With this convenience, a sender will not be difficult when he wants to know where the goods came from. This convenience is certainly not only felt by the sender. The recipient may also feel the convenience.  Gosend himself is one of the hallmarks of Gojek.

This is a form of development that Gojek continues to do. This company has now become very big. His own age was long enough. The first time Gojek was founded was in 2010. Initially, this company only provided transport services in the form of taxis or motor cars.

But the more you come here, the services needed by Indonesians are becoming more and more. The large number of service needs made the development carried out until the discovery of Gosend. But when you use it, there are many users who don’t know how to check goniek receipts specifically for Gosend services. This certainly complicates him.

How to Check Gojek’s Own Receipt

Gosend is a feature that sends items from Gojek that makes the sender not have to go directly to the recipient. It is enough to entrust the goods to the driver and the driver sends it to the recipient. Because you do not participate in the delivery, not knowing the last location of the goods can be uncomfortable.



The sender is confused when calculating the estimated time the goods arrive. Therefore, knowing how to check gojek receipts specifically for gosend services  is very important. Knowing it, calm is felt by the sender. If you want to do tracking, there are several options to do this.

The first option is to use the gojek application. This is the easiest way. When you follow using the application, you will not know the last location of the items through writing. But in the application, the last location of the items will be displayed through a folder. This has its advantages.

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When the location is displayed in the form of an address, some people often do not know the address. This makes it necessary for the user to search for the address first. when the last post is given in the form of a folder, the user immediately imagines where the place is.  Checking gojek receipts specifically for Gosend services  can also be done through the call center.

To do this, customers can contact the Gojek call center first. from the call center, explain the request to find out the last location. Later, CS will give some questions as validity. If the question is successfully answered, CS will notify the last location of the sent package.

The last way to check gojek receipts specifically  for Gosend services  is to use the online store application. Of course, this can only be done if the customer buys products from the online store. Using an online shopping application is also quite easy because receipts from these shipments do not have to appear.

Types of Delivery When Wearing a Gosend

When using Gosend, please note that there are two types of usable shipping. To choose it, customers need to know the difference between the two types of delivery first. The difference itself is quite a lot. Customers can see the difference in terms of price and time.

At first a type of delivery itself is called Gosend Instant Delivery. This is the type of gojek delivery with the highest popularity. The goose receipt checks specifically for Gosend services  are mostly used for this type. When choosing this breed, the consignment of goods may not take place for a distance of more than 40 km.

From this distance, the maximum travel time of the driver will be about 120 minutes. However, this service is only crowded in major cities. It is noted that Jabodetabek and Bandung are the cities with the most use of this service. There is a maximum weight of the pack when using it. The maximum weight itself is 20 kg.

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In addition, maximum dimensions also need to be taken into account. The maximum dimensions of the goods for this consignment are 50 X 70 X 50. The price itself is quite cheap. The cost per KM is only 2,500 rupiah. However, there is a minimum shipping cost. Users are unable to use instant delivery at a cost below 20 thousand rupiah.

The second type is called Gosend On the same day.   Checking goose receipts specifically for gosend services on the same day is not equal to instant delivery. This is because, this service is only used for long-distance delivery. Travel time is also farther away. Drivers can send packages on the same day for up to 8 hours.

This makes inter-city shipping even faster. However, there are minimum fees that need to be incurred. On the same day it can only be used if the fee is above 150 thousand rupiah. If calculated, the cost is very easy. For 30 km, the sender only needs to spend up to 150 thousand rupiah.

Advantages When Using Gosend in Shipping

When checking gojek receipts specifically for  smooth gosend services  , the advantages of this feature will be felt. The first advantage lies in speed. If the user uses an expedition service, the fastest package delivery is one day. This can also be done for places to close.

When using Gosend, the maximum time is only 8 hours. This is very profitable and helps if the delivery of goods is being done in a hurry. Practicality is also apparent when using this feature. This practicality is highly pronounced because the sender does not have to go to the place of service.

Before you can check the gojek receipt specifically for Gosend services, the driver picks up the package on the front of the house. This does other activities without interruption but delivery of goods can still take place. Another advantage that is often unnoticed lies in delays. Some people often complain about the high cost of sending goosebumps.

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In fact, this statement is untrue. When sending using the goose, the driver sends the package using a motorcycle. The fuel emitted is certainly not as expensive as a car. This makes rates much cheaper. Different things are obviously felt when other expeditions are used.

Many of these expeditions make deliveries of goods by car. Because using a car requires a large amount of gasoline, shipping costs are certainly very high. Another plus of using Gosend is in the security of the items. When using it, the package is guaranteed to be safe until it reaches its destination.

This is because, the assigned driver underwent training and selection. With it, the driver can be assured that he is trusted. In addition, the driver’s name and contact are also clearly visible. This allows customers to know the driver who made the delivery. Even if there is damage, gojek provides insurance for each shipment.

Gojek Has Many Useful Features

Few people know the new features of gojek. Although besides Gosend, there are still many features that are very useful. One of the most important features is named goauto. This is a feature of online car services. If your vehicle is damaged, this service will prevent you from leaving the house to repair it.

In addition, the goauto service also provides an automotive washing feature. This makes the washerwoman from the goauto will arrive at the consumer’s home. There is also a feature called gomassage. This is a feature of the mass use call. With this feature, those of you who are aching can bring the best masseur into the house.

Gojek is a company that continues to grow. Although the name is already very large, the changes will definitely continue to occur in the coming years. But in addition to its main function as an online motorcycle taxi, Gosend’s service is definitely one of the most popular. You as the user must be very comfortable with the service and how to check your gojek receipts specifically for Gosend services  that are easy.