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Comics of the Berserk series, a dark fantasy series, are written and drawn by Kentaro Miura.

One independent contractor known only as “Guts & Guts,”

Griffith, the head of the mercenary outfit Band of the Hawk, and a lone mercenary.

comprise the bulk of this bleak tale of hired guns.

The setting of the novel is a heavenly realm reminiscent of medieval Europe.

A lot of deep thoughts about belonging and isolation fill this book.

The debate over whether or not humans possess inherent good or evil qualities has continued.

given that it addresses the positive and negative aspects of human nature.

Sexual and violent content is common in both the anime and manga.

Horror comic with a bloody twist
The Hawks are heralded first for their role in ending the century-long

prolonged conflict that has been wreaking havoc on the state of Mid

Wait to buy the land until Guts quits the group.

on his own terms; to act independently. In contrast, Griffith feels downcast since he was denied the opportunity to ascend to the throne.

After a year in jail for being unable to cope with his wife’s death, Griffith turns to alcohol.

pursuit of Charlotte, the King’s daughter. Griffith was spared death because of bravery when he assisted the remaining members of the Hawks just before they were expelled.

The once-loud Griffith has become a quiet shadow of his former self. It’s been a while, and Griffith’s look has evolved significantly.

severely injured Knowing the location of Griffith’s corpse is too much for Griffith to bear.

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He has too much on his mind, as shown by the fact that he mistakenly hands the behelit to his companion and his many desires.

The Hawks pursue this lead into another reality, where they are confronted by four archdemons from the God Hand who are assisting the Eclipse.

The elder souls advise Griffith to hand up his army to the disciples.

who, like Zodd, sold over mankind and their loved ones for the chance to wield the God Hand’s absolute power.

Griffith had a chance to realize his dreams.

This makes him the God Hand’s leader and last surviving member.

The unnamed Skull Knight rescues Guts and his loved one Casca from certain death.

There, he witnesses the horrible executions of his fellow troops.

Unfortunately for Guts, he still has to see his comrades killed in action. Casca lost his mind and Intestines lost an eye after Griffith’s reincarnation, Femto, assaulted Griffith sexually.

In 1988, Miura distributed the first issue of the Berserk comic.

The more I got to know Farnese of the

It’s a nightmare come true for Guts: he’s run into the Holy Iron Chain Knights of the Holy See Church.

discipline culminating in Griffith’s

Learning the ins and outs of one’s own anatomy. Griffith assembles the Band of the Hawk once more.

and the other Apostles to do his bidding.

To enlist C, Courage

Asca and his new allies helped him escape to the elf capital of Elfhelm.

It is imperative, according to Griffith, that the Ushan invasion be halted at all costs. Kush’s last days as emperor

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combination of secular and religious elements,

A natural world’s boundary is the

Griffith, a dissident apostle, and the Kushan empire went to fight.

Griffith confidently seizes control of Midland with the assistance of the Pope and Princess Charlotte.

due to issues caused by both good and harmful influences. It is imperative that measures be taken to ensure the safety of the people of Midland in light of the recent

Additionally, he constructs Falconia, a city that is afterwards destroyed by mysterious beasts.

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