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Problem Solving Server Emergency Phone Number Savings

Emergency phone numbers are important for the storage of the green. Any phone number in Sayed Tapainharu is known to Harusang Dherai. Even if it is a contact between Nehru, it is only a fictional movie.

In general, the fictional film Haruma tells a scene as it plays, passing through dangerous situations, an important tomorrow experiment. Emergency phone numbers are important for you to know the status quo.

How many emergency numbers can be contacted, but they are safe. Only the  important number 911 is extinguished, then why is this number applicable to Indonesia?

Number 911 is often used by any foreign film Haru, but he can face different types of emergency situations. If you   want to use indonesian numbers, then there is a problem where they  can  make contact and provide an explanation.

Do you need an emergency phone number  ?

Efforts to get the emergency phone number were made  before  the emergency number was done. There are chances to experience  unwanted incidents  almost somewhere in your  time.

The same phenomenon is less comfortable, for example, as if the disease is repeated, the need for medical help. It is just that, it can be  used as an  emergency number tomorrow,  but there will be  crime, violence and others.

These important numbers are the  ingredients of the reality in  Haru, the green is safe and the solution is safe. So this moment is just a manisaharulai Indonesia has an emergency number. There are various types of problem solving in it, the emergency number is available.

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Almost all the emergency numbers have to be used as number 3. So the  phone card phone number is traced to this  important number, but i am  curious about it.

The hot experiment is concerned about the use of the computer, the  operator tower  is based on the  phone number. In the meantime, it is a matter of heat.

In 2016, the Ministry of Communications and Information Sciences published the emergency single number service 112. So in the year 2019, only experiments can be done.

Is the system working? This program should be a collaboration between the government and the region and the goal is to ensure safe living in the community. In the 100th area of Indonesia, the number is tested.

Important Emergency Phone Numbers As RequiredHaru Savings Gernuhos

Do you want to save your phone numbers?  Of course, the first number to be reached. There are noambarahru chhanjun tapailai thaha hunuparch jastai 118 or 119 ambulance tomorrow. If you are in  the DKI Jakarta region, then tomorrow’s gournuhos (021-65303118).

Allelementsofaforecastareacollectivejudgmentmaybehigherthanweassumedallthingsbeingequalthoughallthingsmaynotnecessarilybeequal. The emergency phone number 110 can be traced to the internet  .

While 115 SAR or BASARNSSang contact gern experiments were carried out. Please go back to the natural calamity post, please go back to 129 onwards and finally, there is a bright pass, PLN or other information is 123.

What are all the emergency needs like to use the number one city? Of course, the process of the heat will  be simple and smooth, according to the problem of the government, tomorrow will be the number.

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911 provides for various types of problems, various types of problems, and the exact form of the garniko sevahru bhanda dherai farak chhain, mathika all numberharule tapai, and the exact form of the garn.

It is important to know the various problems that can be overcome by the party’s support to the Indonesian people.

Gunaso Haru Solutions Other Emergency Phone NumbersHru Savings

The emergency  phone number  can be saved on the full form  of the tapai, where the number is  haroon. Here are the important phone numbers of Haru Chhanjun Tapain.

  1. comnas ham

The first number is komnas, which is the  case with various types of unpleasant abuses, such as discrimination, abuse, or any human rights, and harassment .

The last date is 021-3925230. All the states have the right to protect them, they give a number to the colonies.

  1. KOMNAS Perempuan

A woman, of course, can be  protected by the state in a safe form through tapai Komnas Perempuan. These are various types of domestic and sexual violence, so that the victims can get protection from the house.

021-3903963 M.Comanas Perempuanlai Contact Gernuhos. In fact, the worry of the pain is the pain of the criminals who are afraid of the  culprits, the value of the same thing, as much as the pain is easy.

  1. KPAI

Finally , the KPAI or the Child Protection Commission can be contacted by various types of problems. For example, ketaqt, violence and injustice are ignored or neglected.

The victims of the CRIME have a right to go beyond various types of problems.  319015 021, KPAI’s contact can be reached. KPAI will review various sections of the child child’s problem solving.

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Yesterday’s  Emergency Phone NumbersHaru Savings

The emergency phone number for the android-rich smartphone is  updated.

Mathika Numberharuma will meditate on the morning.

  1. In the past, the party received was quiet and often questioned by the party received yesterday. In any situation, it is going to be done, but what is the case.

So please pay attention, please give a clear answer to the question and  get help in the situation.

  1. Yasabahe, tapainle pani dhanupurcha  hain in  a known area or a known area.   For  example, the building of the building of the house is the form of the symbol.
  2. Arko Sabaibhanda is an important kura tapainle bachchahrulai emergency phone number haruko barema pani sikaunu parchh. This is important and definitely the use of the government .

If unwanted circumstances are detected, it can be ensured that if unwanted circumstances are detected, then the child can get the facility.

How uncomfortable the situation is that the emergency phone number is saving, it is definitely useful.  It is necessary at one time to think of the trivial form of the phone number.

If  you are aware of the number of people who are important, then it is  necessary to remember it. The problem is  addressed to the public by  getting the facility  of  storing emergency phone numbers on  smartphones or memory.

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